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Direct Mail Vs Internet Marketing Part 1 – Defining Direct Mail

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There are many marketers out there who believe that direct mail is not the effective form of advertising that it once was; at least in comparison to the less expensive outlets available through the internet. The truth is that different advertising media can all be made effective if the message, positioning and targeting are done correctly.First of all, let’s start this exploration by defining what direct mail is. In short, any type of marketing that is done by delivering a physical item (letter or package) using the United States Postal Service, a carrier such as UPS or FedEx, or a courier service can be defined as direct mail.Yes, you read that correctly; direct mail does not necessarily have to go through the postal service. In theory, any delivery method of an item that is “dropped off” can be defined as direct mail. You can have a pizza place deliver a pizza with your advertising message, if you’d like. (Please note that, if you do it yourself with the intention of getting in to see someone on the spot, that is a sales cal!.)Although most people think of direct mail as those mailings that go to hundreds, if not thousands of addresses at once, that does not have to be the case. In fact, it is far more effective to establish a campaign that is targeted (just mailing to certain zip codes is almost never targeting) and is small enough to allow for personal follow-up within one week of the mailing going out. Your overall list may be large, but you will get better results if you break your list into waves of mailings to allow for prompt follow-up via phone call, e-mail, personal visit or some combination of these three actions.That being said, there are certain instances when a large bulk mailing, which takes advantage of lower postage rates is fine because little to no follow-up is necessary (e.g. catalogs, sales flyers, basic information being sent to existing customers). Also remember that you must have the ability to fulfill the demand if you do a large bulk mailing which generates a large percentage in response rate. If, however, you are courting prospects, not current customers, then the smaller mailings with the follow-up will be more fruitful.Also, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Yes, direct mail can be a postcard or #10 envelope with a flyer or letter inside; but, the most effective direct mail pieces are “lumpy mail.” Want to know the most creative and effective direct mail pieces I’ve heard about? A watermelon! Want the details – give me a call or send me an e-mail!Next month, we’ll define the various aspects of internet marketing.

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What You Need to Know About Network Marketing Before You Quit Your Day Job

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Whatever company you decide to work for as a network marketer or multi-level marketer, you will be in the business of direct sales. Direct sales describes the sale of goods and services direct to the consumer rather then from a fixed retail location.The global direct selling market exceeds $110 billion in sales every year. There are experts in the field of direct sales who predict that this will exceed $1 trillion in five years. If you think this is a great opportunity, you are so right!Just about everything you can purchase is present in the direct selling market. You have to choose which products you are passionate about and look to that industry for your business opportunity. The largest percentage of people who have a direct sales business are women. They represent 80% of the direct sellers.Having a business in direct sales has many advantages. Because you are classified as an independent, self-employed operator or contractor you receive large tax breaks. Your income is based on commissions, bonuses and overrides on personal and group sales, and typically is on an escalating scale. The higher your sales the more you earn because of the higher percentage applied at these higher levels.Some people refer to network marketing (also called multilevel marketing or MLM) when what they really mean is it is just an extension of direct selling. Direct selling refers to how the products are sold and network marketing refers to how one gets paid for building an organization.One of the largest benefits of network marketing is the ability to get paid on the income of your team members. These are the people you recruit to do the exact same thing you are doing. In this way your are helping others become successful and at the same time growing you organization.Some of the terms you need to be familiar with are:1. Width: This is used to describe the people you recruit; also know as the first level2. Depth: Refers to the people recruited by you who then recruit others in their first level and so on3. Leg: This term describes the genealogy of your recruits; the people recruited downline from each of your first levelsBecause companies who use direct selling as a means of distribution can pay such high levels of commissions (up to 50 percent) you have a greater opportunity for earning potential. These companies to not need to rely on more traditional forms of advertising, sponsorships, and celebrity endorsements to promote their products. After all they have you taking directly to customers.One of my favorite reasons for becoming a direct seller everything is taken care of by the company you represent. Things like inventory, shipping, production, packaging and customers can order direct. This frees you up to do what you are paid to do, which is sell products and recruit and train others.One last point that you must be aware of before selecting which company you would prefer to to business for and that is this: know the difference between network marketing and a “Pyramid”. Pyramid schemes (sometimes referred to Ponzi schemes) encourage and reward people for recruiting when their is little or no value in the product or service. If there is no product or service that you recognize as having value do not invest your money. These companies have a very short life span. Also stay away from companies that expect you to buy large amounts of their products, which usually end up unused and wind up being stored in your basement or garage.The easiest way to recognize a company of outstanding quality is to look into their vision, their length of time in the market place and their plans for the future. Always remember to do your due diligence.

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How to Market a Home Based Business – The 3 Pitfalls You Must Avoid at All Costs

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You bought into the dream, but they never told you how to market a home based business. You see, without getting enough of the right kind of people in front of your offer, you will not make money. If you can’t make money, well you really don’t have much of a business now do you?And you don’t want to blankly copy what 97% of people are doing on the Internet, because most people you see aren’t making any money either.Let me explain why.Most people are falling into the same pitfalls that lead to failure. The reason that only 1% – 3% of marketers make the big bucks is because they do certain things and they do them in a certain way.Some people like to believe that the “gurus” and those at or near the top are keeping “secrets” from them.Look…there’s no conspiracy!But there are things you should really take into consideration if you want to know how to market a home based business, successfully.However, in order to do more of the right things that lead to success, you’ll have to stop doing the things that lead to your failure.So, why do people fail? These are 3 of the likely culprits:Not going after your target market. Sure you can do mass marketing and hope that enough of the “right” people see your message. The faster and smarter route is to market directly to those who are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.
Not enough marketing training. Unless you have a lot of marketing and business experience under your belt or you have a marketing degree hanging up on your wall, you are going to need to get training. You either learn it on your own, which can take a lot of time, or you “pony up” some money and get involved in a internet marketing training course. It’s not a question of if you need training but a question of when you’re going to get serious enough about your business to get it.
Not making a marketing plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Inconsistent actions in your business, will lead to inconsistent results, and worse yet, lackluster results. You must have a daily method of operation. These are things you are committed to doing to move your business forward everyday.Are you tired of seeing people around you have success? Are you getting weary of working on a business that’s producing dismal results? Are you serious about making money? Well, now you know the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to knowing how to market a home based business. Now focus on the things you should be doing.

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Internet Marketing Strategy: The 4 Keys To Success

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Without a proper internet marketing strategy you can end up spinning the wheels but not getting very far. The amount of information available can be overwhelming and it is easy to end up taking no action at all.You see people on Facebook and the forums for years, yet they’re not making any money because what they are doing is without direction and focus. It’s a common affliction – but it doesn’t have to happen to you. Avoid spinning your wheels by following these four keys to starting a business…So what are the biggest challenges people have to getting their businesses off the ground and into profit? And what internet marketing strategy should you apply to overcome them?Internet Marketing Strategy 1: Choose One Business ModelThe key to making it work for you is learning real business skills and building up with the right foundations whether it be affiliate marketing, network marketing, direct sales, making and selling your own information products, or similar models.So, which one should you choose? Really it doesn’t matter. As long as it is an internet marketing strategy based on a proven model, then any of them will make money for you..Getting started with affiliate marketing or direct sales has proven time and again to be the fastest way to start getting momentum and generating income. All of the complex things such as product creation, technical features, customer support or getting merchant accounts are effectively all outsourced. All you need to do is focus on generating traffic.Once you have chosen your internet marketing strategy then stick with it and make some money! You can very quickly start to add other models/income streams once you start to see results.Internet Marketing Strategy 2: Follow One Training CourseThe internet is awash with gurus and training course. With the rise of attraction marketing everyone now positions themselves as an expert, whether they are or not.To start with, you just stick with one course. It is so easy to get distracted down diverse paths when you are online, and be tempted by promises of easy money and push button solutions, but following a multitude of teachers and courses will lead to being overwhelmed, frustrated and disheartened. When you have gone after a few “shiny objects” you will lament the time, and sometimes money that has been wasted.As you become more established then you can explore other materials that might help your business to the next level, but to start focus on one internet marketing strategy – one course of actionInternet Marketing Strategy 3: Take Massive ActionThere is only one way to eat and elephant, and that is one mouthful at a time! With a chosen model and a course that teaches you the nuances of traffic generation, Facebook advertising strategies, list building, article writing etc now you have to DO what you have been learning about. Often it is the biggest challenge.This is where internet marketing meets personal development because it is down to you to be organised, to budget your time and resources, outsourcing where necessary or appropriate.Break it down into easily manageable steps rather that looking at the whole task and simply follow the instructions!. Too often we only look at the instructions when all else has failed.The Six Figure Mentors provides not only clear step by step instructions and training videos but there is also the experience and skills of other community members to draw on. You can always find someone to help.Internet Marketing Strategy 4: Persevere Until You See ResultsIt is all too easy to either give up or change your internet marketing strategy before it has been applied long enough to reap any results.If you are doing blogging to drive traffic to your website then it will need attention. You will need to post 3 times a week and it will be 6 weeks or even longer before you generate significant traffic. If you change strategy after a dozen posts you will not reap the harvest.Be consistent with your chosen strategy rather than chasing the quick money, because you will find that it is always just out of reach.Instead set goals, such as X number of blogs/week, Y number of forum posts and z number of articles. Decide which list building tips to apply and set goals for achievement. Take action and the results follow.The keys to starting a successful business include choosing one model, choosing one training guide, taking action and staying focused.

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Dentist Marketing Direct Mail Tips!

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If you would like your next dentist marketing direct mail campaign to be a huge success, then read this short article.Here’s a story to explain:When I picked-up the phone, I knew I was going to get an earful.The man on the phone kept screaming…”How did you get my name?”"How did you get my name?”And the caller was about as friendly as John Gotti with a grudge.My hunch told me this guy’s had something to do with the direct mail campaigned I had just launched.And boy was I right.In fact, the caller told me to “take him off my mailing list”.And never bug him again!No problem I told the angry caller, and I erased his name from my Excel list.And for a split-second I vowed I was never going to run a controversial direct mail campaign again.That is, until my phone rang like a possessed demon……with dozens-of-callers who wanted to schedule an appointment.Don’t miss the lesson here, and that is this:Whenever you launch a direct mail campaign, you will get angry callers who are mad you sent them something.Some might even mail your piece back to you, with a nasty note attached.But guess what?Those are the minority.The majority (assuming your piece is good) will enjoy your mail, and will schedule an appointment.Indeed, you have to toughen your skin and let the moaners-and-groaners say their peace.But that’s not all.In fact, here’s a direct mail “checklist” that will help you make your next dental marketing campaign a huge success:1. Do you have an offer?2. Did you include a deadline?3. Do you give your readers a reason why you are making such a great offer?4. Did you include your headshot?5. Is the copy written in a “one on one” tone, like you are having dinner with a good friend?6. Are you studying other successful direct mail pieces, to see how you can improve yours?7. Do you have a list of qualified prospects?You have to think of it this way:Direct mail can be a huge (and cost effective) strategy that can help keep your appointment slots full.And if you can get over your fear of offending “a few”, in favor of serving the majority, then you will be well on your way to making direct mail work.

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