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Hotel Email Marketing

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Email marketing is considered as one of the most effective ways of reaching your existing and potential clients in a personalized manner. Since this is the era of digital communication email marketing is just the right kind of solution you want for your hospitality business as more and more people are now doing majority of their travel planning and booking through online means. Reaching the comfort of their homes or to their office desk, email marketing and campaigns can reach a large number of people at the most affordable prices irrespective of the geographical boundaries.

It can easily be used as a strategic tool for direct response and branding campaign. With this tool you can create a brand awareness of your latest happenings, schemes, events, prices and almost anything about your business directly to your customers. With various other benefits of email marketing this tool is always a profitable way of marketing your products and services.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

• The cost involved in the entire campaign is relatively quite lower and affordable than regular mail system.
• Email marketing increases the chance of immediate response as it links directly to the website. This in turn increases the chances of more visits through mails converting into plausible interaction.
• This is again relatively quite a faster way of creating and implementing a whole strategy than regular mail.
• It gives the ease of personalizing. It is easier to personalize an email than other mediums thus the convenience.

Pioneer Internet Marketing has comprehensive experience in developing and successfully implementing various email marketing campaigns in the hospitality industry. We have helped our customers through email marketing strategies, conceptualizing, planning the budget, launching the campaign and then providing timely maintenance and back up services.

We study and understand your clients, know about their business and then create a plan that fulfill their needs and their business requirements. We provide Email Marketing technology, advising on frequency and best practices, designing HTML email creative’s, creating promotion copy, setting up and managing email campaigns etc. We reach your customers at the time with maximum information and benefits plentiful.

Our email marketing services include:

• Review and Better Customer Email Capture Strategy
• Online and Offline
• Consolidate the opt-in email list from various sources
• Website sign-ups, Online leads etc.
• eNewsletter email campaigns to opt-in list

So if you are looking for a service provider who knows the nerves of the industry and understands the customer needs and the importance of email marketing for your business then Pioneer Internet Marketing is the right option for you. Contact us for more details or any other kind of information.

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Internet Affiliate Marketing

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Based on the number of surveys conducted online, one of the commonly used methods to earn on the internet is through affiliate marketing. A lot of people who run personal websites or blogs have turned to internet affiliate marketing to convert their online spaces into a money making machine. If you are someone who spends time online and wants to create a lucrative opportunity for yourself, this might be of an advantage for you. But, just like every business venture whether online or on the real world, it is important that you understand the complexity of how it works. One way to weigh your options is to understand the pros and cons of internet affiliate marketing.


  1. With internet affiliate marketing you can earn money, and the best thing about this is you do not have any overhead expenses like paying the store rent or employing people. It does not need any investment from you but simply direct a client to the merchant and you get paid.
  2. If you’re not the type of person who has a lot of marketing skills, there’s no need to fret. Play on your strengths and skills by focusing on what you need to do to better your website; like content, layout and other areas you can improve on.
  3. You are not limited to one program; you can apply to many different affiliate programs as you wish. Choose the best among those in the market, like Empower Network that offers commissions ranging from $25 to $4,625 per sale and known to be one of the best among affiliate programs.
  4. Generate income whenever or wherever you are. If you’ve done all the homework and completely set-up yourself for the program to begin then it’s time to let the cash flow in.


  1. An issue of high traffic should be considered, you can’t just set-up a website then leave it as it is. You still have to work on driving traffic to your website for you to get your commissions, after all affiliate marketing is definitely performance-based.
  2. Sometimes as an affiliate site you are not directly dealing with merchants but with a middle man. This means that your cake is delivered to you after a piece of it is eaten. But, there are affiliate programs that do may give you 100% commissions on sales directly to your bank account, like Empower Network, so choose wisely where to sign up.
  3. Because of affiliate marketing getting more popular there is a tendency that you will have a lot of competitors in the market. There are a lot of publishers online promoting through the same affiliate program. So, heighten your standards and create a benchmark for yourself that will set you aside from others.

Although with its cons, affiliate marketing is still one of the best money making schemes on the internet. These are all easily overcome by just putting extra effort and time in perfecting your site. As long as you are willing to push through the boundaries that may limit your affiliate marketing potential then there is no stopping you from earning good money.

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Marketing Your Business

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Every business will need to advertise, if you don’t tell people you exist, how will they know? A great marketing plan is vital to the success of any business. You will probably have to do a little “trial and error” to determine the best methods of advertising for your particular business. Keep in mind that determining the best marketing methods is a continuous process, what works today may not work tomorrow.

Be sure to allocate the majority of your marketing dollars to the peak season(s) for your industry. However, it is a good idea to market your business all year around. The first part of this article will discuss Conventional Marketing tips and techniques and the second part will discuss Guerilla Marketing tips and techniques.

Conventional Marketing Ideas
Even in today’s Hi-tech world you sometimes need to advertise the old fashioned way. A good marketing budget should allow for a minimum of 5% of gross sales. I have identified some reliable methods to advertise your business the conventional way.

Yellow Pages
Advertising in the yellow pages usually gives you exposure on Yahoo! Yellow Page searches. It is a relatively inexpensive way to market your business.

Direct Mailers
Mailing lists for almost any demographic can be purchased via the internet. Visit info usa, Sales Genie or perform a Google search from my Home Page for “mailing list” to find companies that will sale you a list of potential customers in your area. Mailing lists can be used to send targeted ads directly to your potential customer. Direct mailers can be a little pricey if you hire someone to do the work and tedious if you do it yourself.

A great use of marketing dollars is the inserts distributed by the local newspapers. The sales people in my area are extremely easy to work with and they help you design a professional ad. Most newspapers have a minimum number of inserts (something like 10,000 homes per ad), but the unit cost is relatively low.

Money Mailer
Money Mailer is an agency that sends direct mail to homes containing packets of advertising materials from all sorts of business. The cost to use this method of marketing is relatively inexpensive, but you may get lost in the “shuffle” because there tends to be a lot of marketing material included in these packets.

Sponsor a Team
If your budget will allow, be a good neighbor and sponsor a little league team in your area. This is a great way to introduce yourself to your community while doing something good. Sponsoring a team will allow you to put your business name, address, phone, and / or website on the backs of every participant of that team. Every time they play, their parents, friends, and relatives will get a glimpse of your business in a positive image.

Business Cards
Did you order your business cards? Try VistaPrint, they have reasonable prices and you can order in smaller quantities. Here is their link:

Guerilla Marketing Ideas
The term “Guerilla Marketing” was first Coined by Jay Conrad Levinson and it is defined as unconventional marketing using little or no financial resources. Sometimes it only takes a few dollars to make a great idea go a long way. The following paragraphs will discuss some of the guerrilla marketing techniques that I have tried in the past. If any of them work for you, keep using them until they stop working. If you find ideas that work with minimum impact, tweak the idea until you get maximum impact.

Give Something Away
Everybody likes to win something. Try holding a raffle to give away a free dinner at a local restaurant. This little tactic may be enough to get a customer to try your business instead of the competition’s business. And who knows, you may be able to persuade a local restaurant to give you a free gift card as they will also benefit from the cross promotion. This is something you could try every month or every couple months.

The absolute best method of advertisement is “word of mouth” from your customers. Getting your customers to sing your praises is priceless. Try offering some sort of incentive to customers that refer their friends, relatives and peers to your business. A small gesture on your part could go a long way with your customers.

Thank You Notes
When your business ships goods to customers or invoices, try adding a hand written thank you note telling your customer how much you appreciate their business. Those types of gestures do not go un-noticed!

Press Releases
Create newsworthy press releases and distribute them to your local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV stations. If you are successful in getting just one media outlet to air your press release, you will get free marketing to thousands of perspective customers. Make sure the title is catches the eye and get to the point. Writing about something good that you are doing in the community is always a great idea.

A website is a relatively cheap way to market your business and it allows potential customers to research your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A good website should be easy to navigate. It should also include information about your primary services, your hours of operation, and contact information. It would be a good idea to provide a “Feedback” Page so that visitors of your website can send you comments and questions.

Trade Shows
Trade Shows can be a little expensive, but they are a great way to reach new customers. Be sure to have plenty of marketing materials to distribute. Pens and pencils with you business name, phone, and website are always a big hit at trade shows.

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Targeted Audience – The Power That Turns Direct Mail Businesses Into Multi-Million Dollar Empires

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On average my e-mail in-box receives 8 spam mails per day. The e-mail I receive is sent by desperate businessmen. These people try to get hold of every e-mail they come across on the internet. These men and women do not understand the principles that govern successful direct mail businesses. They behave like people who offer grass to a lion to graze. No matter how many e-mails you send to somebody who has no interest in a product, he will never respond. In this article therefore, I discuss the importance of a targeted audience.

As living human beings, we have a myriad of interests. Some people like reading books, others like going fishing. Some people like eating pork, others like eating octopus meat. You can’t succeed in persuading the man who likes eating pork to eat octopus meat. He has no interest in eating such meat.

Where do you find an audience to target?

In the world of direct mail marketing or e-mail marketing, we rely on list brokers and list managers. These are men and women who deal with lists of people with who have been buying certain products. They keep historical information about who buys certain products. These people have been buying these products repeatedly.

It is important to know which lists one should rent.

Basically there are two types of lists one can rent. One is called a’ compiled list.’ They are for some other purposes. They could be of people living in a geographic area, telephone calling area or even just members of a club. They are general lists.

The other type of list is called ‘response list.’ These lists show buying histories of people. The response rate you expect from these is higher. That is why they are called response lists. You are confident of making higher sales because these men and women have been buying similar products. When you are in possession of a response list you know you have a good market for your product.

Who owns compiled and response lists?

List brokers and managers do not own lists. They are employed by list owners to sell their lists. List brokers provide information on which list to rent; they offer advice. If you are not looking for advice about which lists to rent, you are after an actual lists of clients to mail your direct mail package to. In this case you should consult a list manager. Having got a list you are then assure that you are sending your direct mail package to clients who are most likely to respond. If they do you are on your way to building your multi-million dollar empire.

One point to take note of is that these lists are never used more than once unless you are renting for more than one mailing.

No one can run a successful direct mail business without the help of list brokers and managers. The exception is that of those offering newsletter subscriptions. They make their own lists when clients subscribe, Without knowledge of people and their buying histories, you could be sending hundreds of letters but clients will never respond.

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If Your PR + Marketing Strategy Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

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You’ve just received your 8,000th email about how or why you should try to market your business and how a $1500 (or decidedly more expensive program) can show you how.

There used to be a time when there were a few simple methods to promote your business.

- Buying an advertisement

- Running a direct mail campaign (good ole snail mail)

- Hiring a PR firm to send a press release to the media on your behalf.

Now there are so many choices, your head is probably spinning around like a tornado.

While these options – no doubt – present great opportunities for us to get more visibility, it doesn’t mean we have to use ALL of them.

And sometimes we have to go back to the old-school marketing drawing board to use what worked before the onset of these shiny new marketing tools.

And, since we all have different businesses, different goals and – most importantly – different customers with different preferences, the “new and shiny” doesn’t always work.

So what does?

If you’ve been in business for a few years or more, scour some of your old marketing strategies from your most successful years. Did you used to clean up at Chamber of Commerce meetings? Get a killer response with direct mail? Boost sales by paying some high school kid to leave door hangers around a neighborhood?

Here are some examples:

- My husband (a dog trainer) still gets all of his clients with the old school business card. He even has our dog Jake carry some in his little vest during their pack walks. Plus, he has a killer client referral plan.

- A photographer friend of mine still gets most of his clients by direct mail postcards. Seems that while everyone is rushing to market on the Internet, there’s now zero clutter in the mailbox.

- A client of mine gets all of her own clients through review sites like Yelp. She’s tried almost every other avenue (Facebook, Twitter, special events) and review sites always win – hands down.

- Another client of mine has the most success on LinkedIn. They have tried and tested other networks, but LinkedIn always beats everything in terms of leads and closed deals. I actually attended an entrepreneurial conference this year where the speaker said quite snootily “who even uses LinkedIn anymore.” Guess it’s still one of the best-kept secrets of marketing.

- Yet another client of mine shirks everything but traditional publicity to grow her business. The more magazines and TV shows she can ham it up on, the better. Eventually all of this press caught the attention of a reality show producer and a literary agent. Sweet.

If you suffer from “shiny new thing syndrome,” here are your steps to recovery.

1. Think back – really hard – about what marketing activities actually worked for your business. Jot them down.

2. Go on an email newsletter diet for one week. You know – all of those offers that fill your inbox every day? Put them in a folder or just unsubscribe from those that you never, ever read.

3. Face the cold, hard facts of your current marketing activities. What’s working? What’s not? Choose one strategy that hasn’t panned out and swap in one of your trusty old marketing activities. Even if it’s like, dusty old.

Melissa Cassera is a sought-after expert in the publicity field and specializes in helping small business owners get publicity in top media outlets. As owner of Cassera Communications, Melissa has landed placements in top magazines, newspapers and morning shows for her clients. She works with business owners, authors, professional speakers, and experts from various industries including entertainment, healthcare, information technology, fashion and beauty, human resources and more. Melissa also serves as a nationally syndicated Wellness Expert, covering the latest in healthy living advice for media outlets and audiences across the country!

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Redefining Your Role From Business Owner To Expert Marketer

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Do you own your own business? If so, what kind of business are you in? Are you an accountant? Are you a restaurant owner? Do you own your own night club? Are you a dentist? Are you a comedian? Are you an information marketer? What kind of business are you in?

If you supplied an answer like any of those above, then you more than likely aren’t maximizing your sales and profits in the way that you should be. You see, no matter what business you think you’re in, the truth of the matter is that you’re in the MARKETING business. Take this to heart, because it’s the truth.

No matter your occupation or trade, you should know that the fact of the matter is that you need to be an excellent marketer in your business. Nothing is more important than having a fresh stream of prospects flowing into your business on a daily basis. This is something that I stand by, and I believe that it’s able to turn businesses around immediately.

There are a lot of different marketing techniques that could be used to improve your sales and profits immediately. The trick is knowing which ones to be doing so that you can stop wasting time with ineffective techniques, and start using time more efficiently to boost your sales and profits.

So what kind of marketing do you need to be doing? Well certainly one of them isn’t brand marketing. With brand marketing, you’ll find yourself using an image or a logo or even a mascot to “sub-consciously” advertise your products and services. As opposed to direct response marketing, you’re operating on the premise of results. And sometimes, fast results.

One element of your marketing plan that you need to consider is your location. If your business is in a good location, you’ll find yourself getting a lot of new customers based on walk ins alone. Now imagine if you combined this seamless way of getting customers with direct response marketing. You’ll probably have to hire more new staff members to help with the increased business.

To make more money in your business in addition to location, you want to build awareness of your business. Hang up street signs and banners around your business letting them know about deals that you have, a special offer of some sort, or even the new and improved version of your business.

This is something that needs to be taken cared of if you want to have a thriving business. Based on location alone, there are things that you can do to improve your business, and to get new people to walk in automatically. But location marketing isn’t enough. If you want a business that is thriving and major successful, you will want to do more marketing.

Use direct mail, newspaper advertising, radio advertising, TV advertising, and etc. These are the kind of techniques that have been proven to make people successful, so keep this in mind when marketing your products and services.

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3 Marketing Strategies To Stay Away From

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I’m going to assume that you only have the best intentions for your business. With these intentions, I’m going to assume that you DON’T know about a form of marketing that can make you a ton of money in a hurry. And if you aren’t using these techniques, then more than likely you’re using a technique that is obsolete and just doesn’t work anymore.

In this article, I want to share with you a few marketing strategies that many business owners are using to improve their business, but aren’t having a lot of success with. And the reason that you aren’t having a lot of success with it is because they’re so old and outdated, that people just don’t respond to anymore.

If you would like to know what some of these ineffective techniques are, then you have landed on the right article. Here’s the first technique that you shouldn’t be using in your business.

1) Brand advertising

Trying to use branding as a way to market your business will only waste your money. I assume that you think this works because you see all of the big businesses doing it. But what you don’t know is that these big businesses have millions of dollars to blow, and they’re losing a lot of money on each customer that they attain.

I wouldn’t use this technique if I were you. The only way branding should come up is if you’re using direct response marketing so efficiently, and your customer service skills are incredible, that people go around town talking about you and your business. This is the only way that a brand should be started. Don’t try to use branding initially – especially when no one knows who you are. Here’s something else to stay away from.

2) Cold calling

I read in the forums on the internet that many people are having success with cold calling. The problem I have with cold calling is that not everyone can pull it off effectively. You need a good voice, and you will need a good script to follow just in case your prospect over the phone has any questions. Here’s the last technique to stay away from:

3) Cold direct mail

Never gather a list of people from the phone book and try to sell them your products and services. You will lose a lot of money this way – trust me, it’s happened to me. If you want to improve your sales and profits by using direct mail, find a list from the SRDS. This can be found at your local library, or at your state library.

All 3 of these ineffective techniques are things that you should stay away from. They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well if you keep doing these 3 techniques over and over again, you’re business will be in trouble.

Use these tips to stay away from bad marketing ideas, and start using techniques that actually works.

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How To Develop A Marketing Plan For Your Business

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If you’re currently struggling in your business and you want to know why, it’s time to start asking yourself a few questions. These are very simple questions that should have an equally simple answer. Are you eager to know what some of the questions that you should be asking are? Well, here they are:

1) Am I implementing backend marketing?
2) Am I using direct response marketing?
3) Am I using the internet to my advantage?
4) Do I have an edge over my competitors?
5) Am I doing a good job of acquiring more new customers?

These 5 questions alone should be on your mind today. You need good answers to these questions if you want to have the most success as possible in your business. If you ignore these questions, then more than likely, you will find yourself in a lack of sales and profits, and your business will be in jeopardy.

To truly make money in your business, you need a plan. You need a plan of attack that will allow you to get a lot more customers and clients than you have ever gotten before. Hopefully you’re diversifying your marketing efforts and are not putting your eggs into one basket. This is the fastest way to see business failure. If this one “basket” breaks… then you will no longer have a business, and you will be forced to work from the ground up to rebuild everything that you have lost.

Your customers are an asset to your business, so treat them as such. Contact them on a monthly basis so that you can remain in their mind whenever they need something that is related to what you are selling. If you can do this, then you’ll be able to have a lot of luck and success in your business than you can possibly handle.

So what kind of marketing strategies are you using now to boost your business? Some of the best that you can use are direct mail, newspaper advertising, advertorials, yellow pages advertising, and even internet marketing. With all of these ways to spread your business message, why aren’t you using them to your advantage today?

Some people approach advertising as if it’s a risky proposition. But the fact of the matter is that without advertising, you won’t be in business. In fact, starting your own business is a risky proposition. I know you don’t want to go back to working a 9-5 job and listening to a boss who could care less about you and your $8.50 an hour wage. So take the risk of advertising and see where it lands you.

Do something now to change your business and to turn it around quickly. If you already have a list of customers, contact them via direct mail with a good offer to get them back into your business buying from you again. This is something that works like a charm if you know how to write humorous and persuasive sales copy.

But no matter what you do, make sure you’re continuing to market everyday. You can’t take a day off. If you do take a day off and your business is continuing to struggle, you can expect to get closer and closer to the reality of going back to work for a boss and a job that you don’t even like.

Hopefully this article has served as a wake up call for you to revive your business. This is something that you definitely want to do if you want to make more sales and profits in your business.

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Direct Mail Tips – How To Have Success

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If you want to select the best possible mailing list, you will want to do your homework. If you’ve done any direct mail testing in the past and have seen your advertising dollars go to waste, then more than likely your problem was in 1 or more of these 3 areas:

1) Your mailing list
2) Your offer
3) Your sales letter

The offer and the mailing list is easy to come up with. But your sales letter is probably something that you will want to get some assistance with. If you’re not a master copywriter and have never written a piece of sales letter copy in your life, then you may want to hire a professional copywriter to write the sales letter for you.

On the other hand, if you want to learn copywriting on your own, then you will want to get yourself something called a “swipe file”. A swipe file is a collection of successful ads and sales letters that you can use to emulate, and create ads from scratch. You don’t want to copy these ads – all you want to do is use them as a guide when creating your own sales letter.

Writing a sales letter isn’t hard. There are all kind of programs on the internet about how to write a good sales letter, so you’re not limited in your knowledge on the subject. Depending on what you’re selling, your sales letter can be from only 1-page long… all the way up to 20-pages long (or even more!) Like I said, it’s all about what it is that you’re selling.

After you have created your sales letter, it’s time to put it to the test. It’s time to run a direct mail campaign with the 3 critical areas above covered. You really want to make sure that your list is on point. You don’t want to sell snow tires to people who live in sunny Phoenix, AZ. Even in the winter time the temperature there is around 80 degrees, so this wouldn’t be a good list to mail to.

But I will trust your judgment and hope that you know how to select a list that will generate response, and that will help you to land the perfect offer to the perfect prospect at the perfect time. This is what direct mail marketing is all about, and the more you do it, the more you’ll be able to make more money with it.

Stay away from list brokers. Some of them are there to help you, but most are just looking for a commission. So if you plan on using a list broker, try your best to find someone who will get you a great list, and only deal with this person each and every time you plan on renting a mailing list.

With that being said, direct mail is still a great way to make more money in your business without spending a fortune to do so. Hopefully you’re selling a high priced product so that your profits can be extraordinary. But if you are selling a high priced product, make sure you run a list that has paid $200 – $400 within the past 30 days. This is a quick tip that can make the campaign work even better.

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Direct Sellers: How Can the Rote Be Unique?

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Direct selling has been around for a long time, and the reason for this is the fact that it is a very effective way of getting sales. People typically buy from persons they trust through word of mouth marketing, and that is how direct selling businesses continue to profit – by spreading the word about their brand from person to person, or from one person to a group of people.

Because of the popularity of this method, many direct selling businesses continue to crop up, and many people continue to take advantage of these opportunities to have their own business and garner some profit.

Of course, there are many factors that determine whether a direct selling business will succeed or fail. And perhaps one of the most critical factors is having an effective system in place for training your sales force. This system needs to be easy to use and should provide predictable results, since your direct sellers will easily lose interest if they find that the system in place is difficult and not very lucrative.

How exactly do you develop a good system?

Well, it’s a good idea to consult with experts on direct selling – you want to talk to people who have done it before and who have been very successful at it. You want to find people who know how to train your sales force on how to sell, recruit, and create a successful business. When it comes to direct selling, experience is critical – you can’t have the blind leading the blind.

Your sales force should understand the system and utilize it, since it offers the formula that has been proven to work time and again. They have to learn what works before they can deviate from the system and be more creative in their process of recruiting and obtaining sales.

As a direct seller, you can’t stop learning if you really want to be successful. You should set goals, and once you achieve them, you should continue making new goals so your business can reach new heights. Most people fail because they’re not sure where they’re going. They don’t have a clear vision of what they want, and this clearly shows that they’re not motivated enough to get it. So make sure to do some goal setting before you even start the process.

Follow the experts in the company. These are the people who have already walked the shoes you now want to fill, and they can give you invaluable advice on what works and what doesn’t.

Once you become an expert yourself, this is the time to think out of the box. This is the time to be unique and think creatively. Because once you understand what works, you can realize innovative ways of improving the system and enhancing your business. You can start experimenting in small ways so that you have a low risk of failing, and then gradually increase it until you find a formula that really works for you.

This is the time that you can look for experts who have deviated from the system, who can give you insights into what works and the possibilities out there.

Don’t be afraid of change. First, understand the system completely, and then gradually deviate from it. The key to success is innovation, but you should always look back on what works before you can move forward to what’s new and unique.

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