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Using The Internet And Postcards For Marketing

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Some people say that some of the best leads that you can get for your offline business are leads that are found off the internet. I personally have tested this out before and I can personally say that the leads that I have found from the internet, tended to remain in my marketing funnel longer than those acquired via magazine or newspaper advertising.

Why am I telling you this? Well because it can be useful to you to know if you want to start generating leads for your business, and earn more income. So what should you choose? Should you stick with running ads offline in newspapers and other publications, or should you focus your time and effort on generating leads from the internet?

Well actually… I think you should be doing both. The internet is just another medium for marketing your products and services. As a medium, there’s no difference between it and direct mail, newspaper advertising, or even yellow pages advertising. It’s just another way to get a customer.

You should always be searching for ways to deliver your message to the masses at a very low cost, and it’s something that a lot of business owners strive to do, but just can’t seem to make it happen. If you’re struggling to get more leads, then there are things that you can do to improve your lead count.

Would you like to know what some of these ways are? Then great! I’m sure you can use these techniques to boost your business, and to improve your bottom line. In fact, here’s the first way to start getting more leads:

1) The internet

I just mentioned it earlier, but it’s a great way to start getting leads for free. The best place to start getting leads from the net is with video marketing, article marketing, and forum marketing. If you had a little bit of cash to spend on advertising, you can start off with pay per click marketing. This is by far the fastest way to get traffic to your website, and it’s great for testing new things regarding your website.

Here’s another way to start improving your sales and profits.

2) Postcards

Have you ever marketed with postcards before? If not, then you should know that it’s a great way to get your message across without spending a lot of money to spend on it. It’s a cheaper form of direct mail, but it’s very effective. You can buy postcards from websites all over the internet, or you can simply go on eBay and find postcards for great prices there.

One of the biggest hurdles about regular direct mail is that you have to get your envelope opened. But with postcard marketing, there is no envelope. The “letter” is already opened, and it’s a great way to enter the conversation already occurring in your prospects mind.

These are 2 strategies that you should be implementing in your business today. Be sure to use these techniques in your business now.

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Using Direct Mail And Joint Ventures In Your Business

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Every business owner that I know are always looking for that extra boost that will take their business to the next level. And believe it or not, there are a lot of things that you can do to make this extra “boost” happen for you. It all lies in how you market your business, and the marketing strategies that you are using.

If you’re still stuck on the traditional forms of marketing like cold calling, door to door, or telemarketing, there’s a good chance that your business won’t be as profitable that you’d hoped it would be. Using techniques like these are harmful for your business, and they just waste time and produce very little response.

But if you want to boost your sales instead of being miserable about not having a lot of customers, then this article is for you. Inside of this article, you will learn about some great marketing techniques that will allow you to earn as much profits as possible so that you can start earning the big bucks in your business that you desire. In fact, let’s take a look at some of the strategies that you could be using to make money in your business today.

1) Direct mail

This is a classic strategies that still works today. The most important part of any successful direct mail campaign is the list. You could have a mediocre product and a weak sales letter, but if your list is really good… you will still get sales even for a bad promotional effort.

Where you get your leads is important. Start at your local library and ask them about something called the SRDS. It stands for “standard rate and data service”, and it contains a multitude of responsive mailing lists that you can buy and use, to start marketing your product right away.

Don’t be afraid to use the SRDS. It’s just another tool in the game of money – and a very effective tool at that. You can even search it on the internet at This may make things easier for you. Here’s something else that you could be doing in your business.

2) Joint venture marketing

With joint venture marketing, all you’re doing is sharing a partnership between yourself and another business owner in your city. This kind of alliance is something that can make you a lot of money if you know what you’re doing. You don’t want to approach rival competitors for JV opportunities, because they can take your existing customers away from you.

Instead, seek out businesses who have a similar target audience that you have. This way you can offer them around a 60% commission for every sale made. This is something that will raise the eyebrows on your potential partner. Make sure you learn how to write a joint venture proposal letter, because it’s something that you will want to master if you want a potential partner to take you seriously.

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Why Direct Mail Beats Cold Calling

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When marketing, the last thing you want to do is to use techniques that will get you nowhere. Ineffective marketing techniques have no room in your business. And anything that isn’t bringing you a lot of sales and customers should be completely cut off. Why do I say that? Well because it’s easy to get complacent about things that are easy – but aren’t necessarily effective.

If you’re currently doing cold calling, I suggest you stop doing it right now. The majority of business owners aren’t using this technique to its effectiveness. Now for some people, cold calling works for them, and they enjoy doing it. But that’s around 1% of the people out there who are using and likely cold calling with success.

I speak from experience when I say these things to you. Cold calling is something that isn’t on my favorites list, and it’s nowhere found in my marketing plan. Trust me when I tell you, there are far more greater advertising methods out there than cold calling. Cold calling makes me think of “grunt work”.

I used to work for this sugar plant and it required a lot of grunt work. I was packaging sugar and Splenda products into boxes and then sliding them on down the line. Every night I came home full of sugar all over my clothes. So every night I had to shower, wash my clothes, and get ready for work tomorrow… that was paying $8 an hour to do this kind of grunt work.

Can you understand where I’m coming from? Hopefully you can, because it’s the reason why I eventually quit that job, and was thinking of business opportunities to get into. But one thing that I knew for sure that I wasn’t going to do, was cold calling. Yes, I’ve tried it before, but the results were always ugly.

Very soon after I quit doing cold calling, I started rolling out with direct mail campaigns. This was a much better approach than cold calling. All I had to do was pick out a good list, develop a good offer, have a whiz-bang sales letter, and the rest was history. This proved to be a much more profitable (and exciting) venture to do.

If you’ve had it with cold calling and telemarketing and are looking for other ways to promote your business, then give direct mail a try. It’s like having thousands of sales reps in the field working for you and over a thousand phone calls, all trying to get your prospect to respond.

Trust me when I tell you, this is better. I think the longer you wait to use this strategy, the longer it will be for you to start earning more profits in your business right away. And direct mail isn’t hard. I suggest you learn as much about it as possible so that you can start seeing your business on the positive side of things.

Hopefully you’re able to use these techniques to your advantage so that you can make more money in your business.

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Marketing Tips – 3 Kinds Of Mailing Lists You Can Mail To

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If you want to succeed with direct mail, a good mailing list is needed. And theoretically, there are 3 kinds of mailing lists that you can mail to:

1) Leads that you acquire
2) Leads from the SRDS or a list broker
3) Your own customer list

All of these lists can be made profitable if you know how to use them correctly. And hopefully, this article will help you to utilize them in a way that makes you a lot of profit.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at these 3 kinds of lists, and how you can make money with each one of them. Let’s start with the first list:

1) Leads that you acquire

These are the kinds of leads that you gather from an ad that you run. This is a great way to improve your direct mail response rates also. Here’s the gist of it. You run an ad, and mention that you have a free offer. Your prospects call your 1-800 number or visit your website to enter their contact information. From there, you follow up on these leads via direct mail until you close the sale.

An approach like this can easily net you a 5% response rate, which is unheard of in the world of direct mail. These leads are considered “hot”, because they raised their hands to be contacted. Make sure you mail to these people at least once a month, just to keep them in the loop and possibly make a sale. Let’s move on to the next kind of list.

2) Leads from the SRDS or a list broker

In my opinion, you should stay away from a list broker and strictly use the SRDS. A list broker’s intention is to get you to buy something. They don’t care about whether or not your campaign will succeed or not. This is why you want to use an invaluable book called the SRDS.

The SRDS stands for the standard rate and data service, and it contains a wide variety of lists that you can choose from. Everybody on these lists have purchased a product – which is why they’re on the list. You can find the SRDS at your local library, and if it isn’t there, try your state library. Here’s the last list you can mail to.

3) Your own customer list

This is where the bulk of your income will come from. 80% of your business profits will reside with these people, so it’s important that you contact them on a monthly basis. You will find that your conversion rates for mailing to your customer list can be anywhere near 10% – 20%. This is true because they’ve already done business with you, and they know and like you.

All 3 of these lists can make you profitable, but if I had to pick one for you to try out first, it would be your own customer list. After them, contact leads gathered from an ad, and then last rent a list from the SRDS.

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9 Invaluable Tips On Gaining Success In Affiliate Marketing

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An affiliate marketer is someone who sells other people’s product receiving an agreed commission for each sale. Targeted customers are directed to a salespage through an affiliate link or banner created by the affiliate or provided by the owner. If the right person is directed to the right offer there is more chance of securing a sale and consequently receiving commission.

1. Affiliate Programs – Affiliate programs can be accessed through memberships on a merchant marketplace or direct through companies offering this such as Amazon, for example.

2. Website Creation – In order to gain success in affiliate marketing it is strongly advisable to have a website. This is the foundation of your business and cannot be removed by anyone except you, providing you continue to pay your monthly subscription.

Relying on a third-party is risky as the third-party can delete your page or simply stop trading and then your business disappears.

With your own website you build, monitor and maintain your own customer base.

3. Website Provider – The most popular website building platform is WordPress which provides free tutorials and videos so even the most inexperienced user can gain success.

4. Advertising – Next is to place your banner or affiliate link onto your website in the correct place according to eye direction. It is possible to place them to the right or left of your site however, by adding the link into your content text, search engines scrawl through your site and rank you dependent on keywords included as well as at the bottom of your page.

5. Google – Google provides statistics and analytics on keywords which are the most popular words entered by internet users when searching for specific information.

6. Traffic – The singular most important aspect of affiliate marketing is getting the right people to look at your products in order to make sale. The people need to be ready to buy and hungry for information.

7. Your Product – The product you select to advertise must be the right one. Do your research. See if people are looking for this kind of information or problem solving. Check our Amazon, eBay and see if there is a demand. Check reviews from previous buyers and see what their complaints are about their purchase. Address those complaints and you have an identified niche or market.

8. Try Before You Sell – By buying the product and providing first hand experience, you can gain trust and confidence with your customers as you know what you are talking about and can provide advice or guidance.

9. Collect Contact Information – Affiliate marketers build their own business by collecting email addresses of interested parties in order that a follow-up email can be used to directly advertise similar linked products to that customer at a future date. This can harness unlimited income from further purchases.

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Multi-Level Marketing Holds the Future – A Review of Amway

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Amway is a 50-year-old-company. Their history dates back to 1959. The company specializes on dietary supplements, skin care, purified water, and general household toiletries. They are still a force in this industry. 2008 sales exceeded $8 billion. And the company is now present in over 80 countries around the world. Amway’s products are distributed by more than three million distributors (known as Independent Business Owners, IBOs).

They implement what they call Low risk, Low-cost Business Opportunity that is open to everyone. The company rewards you for selling its products and also for sponsoring others to sell the products. These rewards can be summarized as follows:

o Retail profit on product sales to customers
o Monthly performance bonuses-this range from 3% to 25% business volume, depending on the IBOs monthly productivity.
o Monthly and annual leadership bonus and cash awards
o Business incentives based on group performance

Additionally, for health, and home care products, retails margin normally average 29% when these are sold at suggested retail prices. But IBOs are allowed to independently determine the prices at which to sell to customers. So the margins on these items can be considerably higher.

Amway has an array of tools to support their sales force-the Independent Business Owners (IBOs). Yes, they are independent in the way they manage their time and their business. But that doesn’t mean they are without support from Amway. When it comes to supporting their distributors’ businesses, Amway actually treats these IBOs as though they were company staff. They’re provided with customer care information for enquiries about registration, renewal, and product information. The IBOs also get assistance with things like shipping, order handling, and management of customer accounts.

In addition, Amway provides each Independent Business Group their own sales advisor, who supplies advice, training suggestion, and helpful business direction. The company invests heavily in raising public awareness about their business, the opportunity and the products. This includes national and local advertising.

Is Network marketing for you?

Well, studies reveal that nearly 100 million people are involved in direct marketing of various products worldwide. Amway has millions of people as distributors, or IBOs. Majority of these were no doubt attracted by the potential of the opportunity, the size of the company, the visible and extensive level of support, and of course the compensation plan. So whether success to you means earning additional income for yourself and your family, or a greater sense of fulfillment, or something else entirely, it’s up to you. Whatever success means to you, it is no doubt dear to you. And as such you’ll appreciate and evaluate an opportunity to attain such success, which is why this may appeal to you.

The activities enumerated above surely qualify this as a MLM or direct marketing opportunity, no doubt. Indeed Direct Marketing is now the darling of most entrepreneurs. And why not? It is an industry whose growth has simply been breathtaking. Between 2005 and now, this industry has expanded by over $300 billion! And this is happening at a time many industries-auto, petroleum, metals, etc-are experiencing massive contraction. All this would suggest that network marketing and MLM are the business of the future.

Won’t you rather position yourself for the growth that has just begun? The truth remains that no conscientious direct marketer has regretted venturing into this line of business. Levels of success may vary according to individual talents, abilities and level of commitment, but failures are rare. And coupled with the flexibility of the work schedule it offers, most persons today simply find it hard to resist the lure of multi-level marketing. But if you are serious about building a network market business learning how to effectively market yourself and your business opportunity will be the key to your success.

If you would like to learn how to market and attract quality leaders to your Amway MLM business visit my website and blog for more information on Lead Generation tips.

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Direct Debit Can Help Manage Peaks and Troughs

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Direct Debits are ubiquitous as a form of payment nowadays with around 75% of the UK adult population having at least one of these payments set up against their bank account. Generally they are used for regular payments, such as loans, satellite TV or for household bills such as the Gas and Electricity.

But Direct Debit can be used to help many different business models – for example, a cinema chain.

One of the largest cinema chains in the UK, who held 24.6% of the 2011 box office share, provide a membership card where for a monthly subscription, members can see as many 2 D films as they can watch. The majority of cards are paid for monthly via Direct Debit.

So what are the reasons that a cinema would effectively open their doors for a single monthly payment? The reasons are manifold:

  1. Usage Spread – There will be subscribers that frequently use their membership cards and those that ‘underuse’ them. The under-users will subsidise the more frequent cinema-goers so that an average income per use can be established.
  2. Smoothing Peaks and Troughs – When there is a lull in Hollywood output, subscription income continues to be collected. Similarly, the subscription income helps fund non-mainstream films such as Bollywood and other foreign offerings.
  3. Encouraging Repeat Visits – Customers will want to get value from their cards so they will be inclined to visit the cinema more, often at off-peak times where business is slower. This helps smooth capacity utilisation throughout the week.
  4. Increasing Other Revenue Streams – A trip to the cinema wouldn’t be complete without popcorn and a soft drink; repeat visits mean repeat custom at the concession stands.
  5. Reinforcing Customer Loyalty – The fact that a movie-goer has a membership card means that they are less likely to frequent competitor cinema chains.

Monthly subscription cards for services are clearly popular and evidence of this is clear from the membership numbers given in the company’s annual reports: ( 2008 – 223,000; 2009 – 240,000; 2010 – 250,000; 2011 – 280,000 ).

The membership scheme brings many benefits to the company allowing it to try different things such as ‘alternative’ programming and now accounts for around 16% of total box office revenue. Of course, as long as the scheme continues to appear to provide good value to its members, the revenue remains constant or increases throughout the year. Encouragement to spend more at the concession stands is also given in the form of a 10% discount on food and drink when the card is presented at the point of sale.

One other potential benefit of running such a scheme is that it opens up the opportunity to collate individual usage data on a per-customer basis. From a marketing point of view, this information is absolutely invaluable as it would allow the cinema to target direct marketing or offers by e-mail, direct mail or on till receipts to individual customers or groups of customers based on profiles built up from past viewing and spending history. This means that the cinema can utilise its marketing resources more efficiently by focussing its time and energy on targeted campaigns that produce a greater response rate.

As you can see, while the benefits of using Direct Debit for your business may not be immediately obvious, employing it in different ways can produce many benefits, not only by smoothing peaks and troughs in revenue, but by encouraging repeat custom, loyalty and marketing opportunities.

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Possibility of Direct Email Marketing?

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The choice of web tools influences the success of businesses online, particularly when they design and rely on email marketing strategies. For instance, a direct email software provides the possibility to send newsletters, notifications or simple messages directly into the recipient’s mail box without passing the email through various route nodes. Unfortunately, lots of the mailing list management tools you can find online are either out of reach because of their price or the quality standards of their features are somehow doubtful. One further problem results from the incorporation of too many features is what should be a simple to use direct email software program.

However, the thing is that these software that includes a large number of features does not come cheap at all. Some of these technical features even require the payment of a monthly fee in case you want to have usage continuity. The average cost for such a program ranges somewhere between $100 and $350, and you’ll receive a lifetime license with the package. The explanation for such high costs is based on the idea that users will eventually recover the investment from the mailing campaigns and the profit they make from sales. Plus, the profit is believed to increase substantially with the use of the direct email software.

Any direct email software should include certain specific features. Thus, besides the generation and management of unlimited numbers of emails, the program should also check the validity of emails and detect bounces back. Then, multiple connections should also contribute to a speedy delivery of the messages, not to mention the fact that the tool needs to be compatible with all forms of known databases for a smooth and efficient import of contact lists. Finally, you should be able to customize the emails you send to various recipients according to several criteria: opening formulas, messages, title, content and image differences.

Another worth mentioning feature of a direct email software is the possibility to send the messages from the desktop without the need to use a server at all. Then, mail merging and split marketing testing are also available, but the presence of these features depends on the complexity of the program you choose. It could be a bit confusing for someone to distinguish between names like bulk emailer, automatic email sender or mass email blaster. The common element for all such tools is the possibility to manage the email marketing campaigns easily, quickly and at optimal parameters.

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Profitable List Building With Relationship Marketing

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Want to know more about getting people to opt-in to your list?

List building is one of the most important aspects of your business – no matter what kind of business you have.

You always need to have a way for prospects to opt-in to your list so you can continue to market to them and be in touch with them. You have to have a way to capture people’s names, emails and addresses, and if you’re ever going to send direct mail you will need their physical address and it’s easier to get it up front than it is to go back later and try to get it. At the very least, you want to capture a name and an email address when people opt-in to your list.

Recently, the trend is that people aren’t asking for a name, but instead just asking for an email address. The purpose of the opt-in, whether it’s on your main website, on your blog, or on a stand-alone squeeze page, is to be able to go back and market to people again, over time.

As small business owners or entrepreneurs don’t think you need to sell somebody something the first time they come to you or the first time you see them – please, get that out of your mind. Marketing and business success is about bringing the client in, getting them to opt-in, and then being able to market to them over and over and over again. You want to market to them over time so you can make not only the initial sale, but many sales after that and keep your clients with you for a long time to come as you provide them with great products and services. I’m not talking about a year, but what if you had to send three to seven emails to them before they said they want to invest with you. That would be OK because you could do that in a week or so and it gives you time to build the relationship with the client.

On your opt-in, it’s not enough for you to just offer people a subscription to your ezine or your online newsletter.

People want solutions to their problems, they want solutions to their challenges and they are looking for help, our help. If you offer a free CD, or a free report, or a free e-book, or video that will tell your prospect the number one secret to whatever it is they’ve come to you for, they will give you their name and email, so they can get that information from you.

And, the best part is you can market to them later with other things. If you can solve that one thing they came to you for, that issue or challenge that got their attention and you have a unique spin, or something that you have that gives them the wow effect, or that was a really great idea, or a great reminder of something they already knew, but you have a different angle. If you can do that for people, they want your information and they want to hear from you again. They will want more and more of you and your great information, content and help.

More than likely they don’t want your newsletter, they don’t want your online newsletter, and they don’t want to think that’s what they’re getting. They want you to solve a problem for them and they want it solved as quickly as possible – most of the time, they want it solved yesterday.

So, give them that. Give them a free CD, an e-book, or whatever, but make sure what you give them is something of great value to them. If it’s high content, high value, and it’s free, they will naturally come back. You want your prospect to get so much out of your free content that the thought they have in their mind is if I got this much great information and it was free, what in the world is in the other information they are offering that I could invest in.

They will come, they will buy, and if you continue to keep giving them high content and high value for their investments. They will keep coming back because you have built a real, authentic, valuable relationship with them and that’s what the world is all about today. It’s about building relationships in whatever form that happens, whether it’s live, one-on-one, via email, in social media, however it is the communication happens, that’s when the magic starts.

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Budget Marketing – Examining 7 Basics

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Does it not appear that many e-marketers believe that all they need to do to be successful is throw a site on the Internet and kismet? Many have been lured to believe that surfers will trip over themselves as they flock to their site with credit card in hand, ever anxious to make themselves the next Internet mogul. At the risk of spoiling someone’s “Golden Dream”, this simply is NOT reality.

Surfers must know about your site before they can find it. In its most basic form, a web site is actually a digital brochure directing your visitors to your products and services. To be effective, surfers must see your colorful message in all its’ splendor. To accomplish task, one must effectively market their site on a day by day basis.

So how does the Internet business person go about promoting their web site?

Well, here are a couple of choices…

The easiest way is to pay someone else to do it. There are several companies, including my own; Christian Times Online, that specialize in helping people promote their web based businesses. This can be highly effective, but not always affordable for the beginner.

Next, we have the “Hit & Miss” or “All Over The Road” Marketing System. You know, the “Do-It-Yourself” I need to be spanked approach. This is where the beginner ignores their mentor(s) and drives directly at Mach 100 into a proverbial cement wall. Ouch!

I’m sure that one gives you a good visual!


What does a person do if they run a small business, making small monthly profits?

How do small businesses, with limited budgets, entice surfers to visit their Web site?

Now, let us discuss seven effective methods that are available at little or no cost to you.

1. Direct E-Mail

Direct e-mail is the most effective way of promoting your web site. We will examine other methods of promotion, but none are as cost effective as direct e-mail. With the proliferation of free e-mail services such as Google’s, GMail and MSN’s, Hotmail, many people as choosing this as their primary means of web site promotion.

One reason for direct e-mail’s effectiveness is that everyone who receives your message will read the subject line. No other form of commercial promotion can claim this. A catchy subject line can guarantee a high percentage of recipients will open your message.

2. Ezine Advertising

E-zines offer most of the advantages of direct e-mail, without the risks or the effort. Additionally, e-zines
usually reach very specific, targeted markets. This is the real beauty of e-zine advertising.

General, untargeted mailings advertising a good product at a reasonable price generate responses on the order of 5%. Of these responses only about 3% will actually make a purchase.

You can see how untargeted mailings could generate the need for you to do a large amount of work for very little return. With targeted advertising, I have experienced numbers more on the order of 7% response with 40% purchases. The reason for the dramatic difference is obvious. The readers of the e-zines were pre-qualified as interested in my products. Higher interest equals higher sales percentage.

3. Search Engine Listings

List your Web site with the search engines. There are many search engines available on the Internet, with more coming online every day. The process of registering is very simple, but can consume a large amount of time. This is especially true when you consider that you will probably need to resubmit your site on a regular basis.

My suggestion is that you focus your attention on the major search engines. Google, Excite, Infoseek, WebCrawler, Lycos, Alta Vista, Hotbot, and Yahoo probably account for 80% or more of the searches performed on the Internet. Also, I recommend that you avoid the myriad free submission services and take care of the submissions to these seven yourself, by hand. If you want to try the freebies for submission to the minor search engines, give it a shot, but your listing in the big seven is too important to take a chance on.

4. Banner Placements

Buy banner ads. This does not mean avoid banner exchanges, however, you will receive better quality visitors from good banners placed on carefully selected, high volume web sites that receive visitors who may be interested in your product.

There are many brokers, such as:

MSN Advertising:


These service companies can assist you in placing your ads. To test the effectiveness of your banners, link each different ad to a different “doorway” page and monitor the traffic through your web site statistics.

5. High Traffic Linkage

Place ads on high traffic links pages and negotiate reciprocal links with complementary businesses. The links pages may not generate traffic for you directly but it is an inexpensive way to get your URL on many pages. This can improve your standing in search engines that use link popularity as part of their placement algorithm.

Be cautious of who you exchange reciprocal links with. Try to find businesses that compliment yours, not compete with it. If you offer accessories for automobiles, link with auto dealers or auto parts suppliers.

6. Signage Placements

Put your e-mail address and URL on all your company’s print literature, letterhead, and display advertising. If you provide people a means to find out more about your products or services in a low pressure way, many will do so and some of those will buy. And, certainly do NOT forget to keep your “Sig Files” on your outbound emails up and

7. Strategic News Groups

Utilize the news groups. First, find the groups that are likely to be frequented by people interested in products such as yours. Google Groups might be of help to you as you perform the necessary research. It can search thousands of groups for particular subjects, revealing the groups for you to target.

Let us not forget to ramp up our social media options. These social networking groups are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and many others coming on scene figuretively at the speed of light. There is no shortage of “how to” articles, reports, and newsletters. I encourage you to do your research, but certainly get on board with these mediums.

(Important Considerations)

After you have identified some target groups, monitor the discussions for a few weeks to get the feel of the group. Once you have a grip on what is going on in a particular group, start contributing to the discussions.

At the bottom of each of your messages, be sure to include a “signature”. A “signature” is a short, 5 to 10 line, advertisement of your product or service. Be sure to include your product, URL and e-mail address in your signature.

Every time you contribute to the discussion, hundreds of people will see your ad. This method requires some effort, but can pay big dividends if you are in it for the long haul.

None of these methods provide the “magic potion” for ultimate success. None of them will bring you billions by next week. But, by following these “seven methods Of marketing consistently, over time, you should begin to notice an increase in the level of your web site traffic. Moreover, you should see an increase in the quality of the traffic you receive, resulting in more sales. And that my dear colleague, is name of the game!

Happy Marketing!

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