Possibility of Direct Email Marketing?

The choice of web tools influences the success of businesses online, particularly when they design and rely on email marketing strategies. For instance, a direct email software provides the possibility to send newsletters, notifications or simple messages directly into the recipient’s mail box without passing the email through various route nodes. Unfortunately, lots of the mailing list management tools you can find online are either out of reach because of their price or the quality standards of their features are somehow doubtful. One further problem results from the incorporation of too many features is what should be a simple to use direct email software program.

However, the thing is that these software that includes a large number of features does not come cheap at all. Some of these technical features even require the payment of a monthly fee in case you want to have usage continuity. The average cost for such a program ranges somewhere between $100 and $350, and you’ll receive a lifetime license with the package. The explanation for such high costs is based on the idea that users will eventually recover the investment from the mailing campaigns and the profit they make from sales. Plus, the profit is believed to increase substantially with the use of the direct email software.

Any direct email software should include certain specific features. Thus, besides the generation and management of unlimited numbers of emails, the program should also check the validity of emails and detect bounces back. Then, multiple connections should also contribute to a speedy delivery of the messages, not to mention the fact that the tool needs to be compatible with all forms of known databases for a smooth and efficient import of contact lists. Finally, you should be able to customize the emails you send to various recipients according to several criteria: opening formulas, messages, title, content and image differences.

Another worth mentioning feature of a direct email software is the possibility to send the messages from the desktop without the need to use a server at all. Then, mail merging and split marketing testing are also available, but the presence of these features depends on the complexity of the program you choose. It could be a bit confusing for someone to distinguish between names like bulk emailer, automatic email sender or mass email blaster. The common element for all such tools is the possibility to manage the email marketing campaigns easily, quickly and at optimal parameters.

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