Targeted Audience – The Power That Turns Direct Mail Businesses Into Multi-Million Dollar Empires

On average my e-mail in-box receives 8 spam mails per day. The e-mail I receive is sent by desperate businessmen. These people try to get hold of every e-mail they come across on the internet. These men and women do not understand the principles that govern successful direct mail businesses. They behave like people who offer grass to a lion to graze. No matter how many e-mails you send to somebody who has no interest in a product, he will never respond. In this article therefore, I discuss the importance of a targeted audience.

As living human beings, we have a myriad of interests. Some people like reading books, others like going fishing. Some people like eating pork, others like eating octopus meat. You can’t succeed in persuading the man who likes eating pork to eat octopus meat. He has no interest in eating such meat.

Where do you find an audience to target?

In the world of direct mail marketing or e-mail marketing, we rely on list brokers and list managers. These are men and women who deal with lists of people with who have been buying certain products. They keep historical information about who buys certain products. These people have been buying these products repeatedly.

It is important to know which lists one should rent.

Basically there are two types of lists one can rent. One is called a’ compiled list.’ They are for some other purposes. They could be of people living in a geographic area, telephone calling area or even just members of a club. They are general lists.

The other type of list is called ‘response list.’ These lists show buying histories of people. The response rate you expect from these is higher. That is why they are called response lists. You are confident of making higher sales because these men and women have been buying similar products. When you are in possession of a response list you know you have a good market for your product.

Who owns compiled and response lists?

List brokers and managers do not own lists. They are employed by list owners to sell their lists. List brokers provide information on which list to rent; they offer advice. If you are not looking for advice about which lists to rent, you are after an actual lists of clients to mail your direct mail package to. In this case you should consult a list manager. Having got a list you are then assure that you are sending your direct mail package to clients who are most likely to respond. If they do you are on your way to building your multi-million dollar empire.

One point to take note of is that these lists are never used more than once unless you are renting for more than one mailing.

No one can run a successful direct mail business without the help of list brokers and managers. The exception is that of those offering newsletter subscriptions. They make their own lists when clients subscribe, Without knowledge of people and their buying histories, you could be sending hundreds of letters but clients will never respond.

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